How to Make a Curtain Application

The curtain application process is easy if you have the right equipment and know how to use it. The first step is to choose your type of curtain. You can choose from recovery color shells cp1, cp2, and stable color curtains ca, cb. There are also switches available for the roller door and plunger/roller doors.


Applicator unit

An applicator unit for curtain application comprises a nozzle head, at least one transverse distribution chamber, and at least one outlet opening. The application medium is ejected from the nozzle through the outlet opening. The applicator head includes at least one outlet edge, and may have first and second outlet edges that extend along the direction of travel of the material web.

An applicator unit can apply a coating to a continuous paper web. The material can be paste, liquid, or a combination of the two. The applicator unit can also apply a coating to a free-falling curtain.

Recovery color shells cp1, cp2

The curtain application process is completed by using special recovery color shells. Figures 1 and 2 illustrate these shells. These color shells collect excess color from the web, which is then returned to the supply containers. The recovered colors are recirculated through the first curtain head 11 and second curtain head 12.

Color shells are separated by a special guide plate. This guide plate is used for curtain application. The guide plate is designed to move in the width direction in order to stabilize color curtains and separate excess colors. Using this device, the curtain application process is complete and safe.

Stable color curtains ca, cb

Stable color curtains can be made by affixing a polypropylene film to a thin brass or aluminum plate. The plate is preferably smooth with a low coefficient of friction. The film can be adjusted to the desired width by means of guide plates. This allows color curtains to be made in uniform width with minimal color loss.

The two layers of color curtains are derived from the balancing of flow velocities in the color curtain. This increases the inertial force, which strengthens and stabilizes the color curtain. The curtain is then backed by a stable coating.

Plunger/roller door switch

If you need to control the air curtain on a sliding or track door, a plunger/roller door switch is the perfect option. This switch is designed to turn on the air curtain automatically as the door opens and closes. It measures three inches long, two inches wide, and one inch high.

These switches are available with a battery or solar power supply. They work by detecting movement near the door. They should not be used in areas that see a lot of movement, as they need a power source. Also, these switches are hardwired, so they must be installed by a professional.

Customization of curtain application

When you are customizing your curtain application, you have to consider some factors. In the first place, you must be aware of fabric shrinkage. It can be as much as two to six percent. Therefore, you must calculate this factor beforehand. Once you have the fullness calculated, you can enter it into your design system.

One of the benefits of using curtains is that you can design them with any image you want. The image you choose will be printed permanently onto the curtain fabric. The quality of the image will be high. This means that every curtain will be unique and no two curtains will look the same. Your personalized curtains can be used in your home, office, shop, and more. You can create a custom curtain application using a smartphone or other device.