How to Make a Birthday Cake That’s As Sweet As Fun As it Is Delicious

When it comes to birthday cakes, we all have our favorites. Some like chocolate, others red velvet or angel food, and there’s a lot of love for Funfetti.


The modern tradition of birthday cake with lit candles came about in 18th century Germany, but some of the quaint rituals surrounding it have much older origins.


The origin of birthday cakes dates back to Ancient Greece. They were used to honor Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon and Hunting. They were round and had lit candles on top to symbolize the moon’s glow. This became a tradition that was passed on from generation to generation.

Later, the Romans started serving cake-like desserts at special events like weddings. These cakes were made of flat circles of flour, nuts, leavened yeast, and honey. Eventually, people began to serve these to their friends and family on their birthdays as well. The number of candles on the cake represented the person’s age, and the person making the wish had to blow out all of them in one breath to ensure their wish came true.

In the 18th century, Germans created a version of the birthday cake we know today in a celebration called Kinderfeste. The icing and decorations were more elaborate and the candles were placed so they totaled the person’s age, plus one for hope for another year.

The modern-day birthday cake has evolved into many different types, including cupcakes, pastries, and tarts. The tradition of eating a cake on your birthday has grown worldwide, and the song “Happy Birthday” is sung in many different languages as well. While there is no one standard cake for birthdays, all cultures have some form of a sweet treat to celebrate the occasion.


Theme cakes make a special addition to birthdays, anniversaries, farewells and other occasions. They are a visual treat that is sure to impress your guests and leave them asking for more. However, getting a theme cake that meets your child or friend’s expectations, doesn’t have you up until 2am the night before and isn’t too difficult to bake can be a challenge. Thankfully, these 15 creative cake ideas for boys and girls, or these adorable cake toppers that are as sweet as they are easy to make can be your ticket to a show-stopping dessert without the stress.

For a little girl’s first birthday, this dainty Hello Kitty design will be a big hit. This pretty pink two-tiered cake is made with very few food colours and looks like it jumped out of a drawing book. The 3D fondant kitties are a perfect match for the theme of the party and will instantly delight your little one.

This 18th birthday cake for a teen girl is not only eye-catching, but will also make her feel like the princess she is. The white fondant lace, gold trimmings and Swarovski crystals add to its beauty and elegance. It can be customised to include her name or favourite word, or even the date of her birthday. A gym-lover’s dream, this workout cake is a great way to celebrate their big day! It comes complete with weights, barbells, a water bottle and a Nike bag.


The cake is arguably the most important part of a birthday celebration. The decoration of a cake has the power to transform any ordinary dessert into something special, and there are plenty of creative options to suit any party theme or personality.

Chocolate fanatics can go over the top with a chocolatey delight like this KitKat-inspired two-tiered cake. It’s simple to make, and the perfect excuse to enjoy a few of your favorite treats.

For a girly touch, add a few fondant kits to a white or pink cake. You could even use this decorating technique for other sweet confections like cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches.

Give your frosted creation a bit of sparkle with this gold-glitter Happy Birthday topper. Shaped like a cut-out text design, it’s a great way to wish the celebrant on their big day.

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can also create a custom number using a cookie cutter and some rainbow sprinkles (the idea comes from Little Life of Mine). And for an extra-special touch, try creating a flower out of edible flowers for the top of your cake. Just be sure to use a good-quality rolling pin so that you can get the shapes nice and thin. You can also adorn your cake with edible figurines, from dinosaurs to cats and penguins, depending on the guest’s preference.


When it comes to a birthday cake, there is no right or wrong flavor. It should be the one that the celebrant enjoys the most. Whether you’re looking for something classic, funky, or even vegan, there are plenty of options out there. Whether you’re cutting it with friends or loved ones, this is the perfect way to mark an important day.

Interestingly, while a real birthday cake can be in any flavor, most flavored cakes tend to be vanilla-oriented. This probably has to do with the popularity of Funfetti, a colorful sprinkle-dense version of vanilla that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, the flavor has been adopted by a variety of other brands, including Airheads candy and many ice cream flavors.

Another trend in 2023 is bringing back old-fashioned favorites, like chocolate, red velvet, or carrot. But there are also new and surprising tastes to try. Embrace the greenery of matcha, dive into tropical paradise with exotic fruit fusions, or go for sophistication with boozy delights. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, try Optimum Nutrition’s 3-in-a-pack Birthday Cake whey bites, which tuck 20 grams of protein into a whipped, birthday-cake flavored center.

The only thing better than a slice of cake is a jar of your favorite ice cream. And the best part is, you can eat it whenever you want.